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Welcome to The Modern Collective blog! We are Adam + Amanda. We are photographers who love fun and funky design. We design modern templates for photographers and sell them in our shop! Cool, right?

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Chalk Me Up Birth Announcement Featured in Click Magazine

September 10, 2013   //   POSTED IN: PRESS, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTS

We are so honored to have our very own Chalk Me Up Birth Announcement featured in Click Magazine's September / October issue! The team over at Clickin' Moms is such a great group of talented women! Thank you for including a part of The Modern Collective in your stunning issue! 



More info about the Chalk Me Up Birth Announcement can be found here:



Not a subscriber to Click? Get 6 issues for only $15, here:




Look What Susan Did! // Taylor Grad Card Design Remix


Check out this all of this glam! Susan of Susan Dodd Photography gave us a little surprise in our inbox over the weekend with images of this stunning Accordion Book that she designed using our Taylor Grad Card template. Susan used all of the elements from the grad card to come up with this coordinating design and we LOVE it! Isn't it fantastic?!



Anything is possible with our layered PSD templates. With a little time and just a bit of creativity you can create numerous products from a single design! Thanks for sharing Susan! Click the image below to see the Taylor Grad Card in The Modern Collective Shop! 




Did you use our templates in a creative way? Send us photos and be featured on The Modern Collective blog too! 

A Senior Template for a One Year Old? // Design Inspiration


Why not! We delivered this adorable album to its proud owner the other day! Just a few simple tweaks to the Modern Artistry Accordion Book design, this template was the perfect design for this adorable little girl! 


Don't forget to think outside of the box while browsing theMC Shop! With fully layered PSDs, anything really is possible! 


For more info or to purchase, click the link below! 


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From Grad Card to Modern Bridal Shower Invite // Design Change Up


We love photographers that think outside of the box! Jodi and DeeAyna from JW Photography did just that when designing this bridal shower invitation for DeeAyna's daughter! With a few simple changes to the Taylor 5x7 Grad Card Design from The Modern Collective Shop, this duo created a modern and fun bridal shower invite that everyone is sure to love! How cute is that front image?! Thanks for sharing Jodi and DeeAyna! 


I have a confession... // A Look Inside The Modern Collective Design Process


I, Adam, have a confession to make... it's messy, it's a bit dirty, and it's not my finest quality but today I'm sharing it with all of you. So here it goes..... 


I am a packrat! Now, hold on a second. I'm not to the stage of being featured on TLC's show about hoarders or to the point where I need an intervention! I just like my stuff and I struggle with parting with some things from time to time. Especially things that I know could be useful in the future, and for once my inability to throw things away actually worked in my favor. Let me explain! :)


It all goes back to my 9th Grade Art Class. Our assignment was to make a layered "tape" painting. Although the painting as a whole was a horrendous mess, certain areas had a lot of potential! Many opportunities came to throw this painting away over the past few years, but I just couldn't part with it. The painting landed on a shelf collecting dust... that is until the other week!


While flipping through the mail, a new GAP flier caught my eye. The paint styled text sparked my creativity and I instantly had the perfect plan for a new template design! It was the perfect project to incorporate my 9th grade art! I went to work, combining my old "hoarded" painting with a little digital magic and TAH DAH the Modern Artistry 4x8 Accordion Book was born! From 2004 to 2013, this template design has been a work in progress! I'm so glad I didn't throw that painting away!


Here's a look at how it all came together! 


Want to see more photos of the Modern Artistry Accordion Book? View it IN THE SHOP.

Introducing Urban Crossroads // New Product


Say hello to Urban Crossroads, the new senior layflat book design from The Modern Collective! Need that perfect product to impress your senior guys? This 20 page book design will do the trick! Included with the design is theMC's exclusive Album Splitter Action. The Album Splitter Action allows you to export your design for any of WHCC's square book designs in less than five minutes! Sizes include 5x5, 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 books! Easy, simple, done! 


You can see larger images of this design's layouts, HERE.


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Grad Announcement for Senior Guys // Product Spotlight


Last week we featured two of our favorite grad card designs for the senior girls. We thought it wasn't fair to leave the guys out, so today we are featuring Liam + Sean, two of the senior grad card templates from the 2013 Grad Card Collection


These two designs are modern, masculine, and filled with plenty of style for those senior guys that want something different! Plus, these designs will make their mom happy too! We all know that is who we really are trying to impress!


Like all templates in The Modern Collective Shop, designing with these grad card templates is as easy as dragging and dropping your images and changing the text to match your client's party details! Quick, easy, and DONE!  

Featured Templates:  Liam 5x7 Flat Grad Card Design  //  Sean 5x7 Flat Grad Card Design

Design Trend // Gold Foil - Is it here to stay?


We've been seeing gold foil ALL OVER lately! It seems to be all the rage on design blogs. We've even spotted it on clothing and housewares in our most recent trip to Target. (oh Target.... how we love you!) Gold foil is luxurious, it's sexy, it's modern, and it's a little funky too! No wonder it's so popular! Below are a few of our favorite gold foil finds on the internet!

SOURCES:  | 1 | Drop It Modern  | 2 | Anagrama  | 3 | Ben Sherman   | 4 | Lara Casey Shop


We've been inspired and thought we better join the fun and use the new gold foil love on a few of our products here at The Modern Collective! Of course, in our Modern Collective fashion, we simplified the trend and incorporated the gold foil in two of our 2013 Grad Card designs! The Zoey and Taylor grad announcements are oh so trendy! :)


So, what do you think... is gold foil here to stay?

Template Remix // A Creative Use For Your New Template


We design all of our templates to be easy to use for customers who don't have a lot of Photoshop knowledge, but our templates are completely layered for those customers who want to jump in and pick the template apart. Providing a layered PSD gives our customers the flexibility to rework, change up, and customize the templates for their needs. Today we are featuring a creative use for the I'm New Here Birth Announcement Template. Although the template itself isn't changed a whole lot, the card is being used for a unique purpose.


Our client came to us looking for a birthday invite for a joint party for her son and daughter. We needed something that was gender neutral and a design that coordinated with party's farm theme. Our client requested to have a lot of images on the invite as well. 


With these requests in mind we went to work and decided the I'm New Here Birth Announcment was the perfect fit for the client's needs. The modern wood texture blended well with the farm theme and the design was neutral enough to showcase the photos of her children. We changed up the text and added a little "see y'all there" farm talk. With that we had an invite design that our client loved! With a simple change, we had a whole new use for a cute and versatile birth announcement template! 


CARD DESIGN  //  CUSTOMIZED (farm birthday party invite)


CARD DESIGN  //  BEFORE (as sold in the shop):


- - - - 

Click the link below for more info about the I'm New Here Birth Announcement design


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3 things you can do right now to increase your average sale // Tip Tuesday

March 26, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTS, Tip Tuesday


We decided to start a new weekly blog feature called Tip Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will share a helpful tip. Some will be more in depth than others but all with be little tips that we hope you find useful! This week we start the conversation with three things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase your studio's average sale. Read on! 


- - - 


1) Simplify Your Investment Guide

Have you ever gone into a restaurant with a menu that is five pages long? You instantly get overwhelmed with the choices but you try to narrow it down. After looking you finally get it narrowed to about five different menu items but you still can't make a clear decision. Finally after much hesitation, you resort to the "safe" option. You choose the meal that you've previously ordered that you were satisfied with. But what if you would have chosen one of the other menu items and found a new favorite?


This same situation applies to your investment guide. Although you may have over twenty portrait products that you offer to your clients, it isn't the best idea to list every option on the initial investment guide you originally present to your clients. Overwhelming your clients will only result in your client choosing the product that they've always known, just as you did at the restaurant. Most often that product is small gift prints for your client. Instead, limit the the investment guide to your most popular products or the products you want to sell. Organize the investment guide to showcase the products you want to sell first, then list the smaller add-on products later. If you feel your client would benefit from a product not listed on the invesment guide, then provide them with information on the product at that time. 


Having a well organized investment guide can easily entice clients to try new products and increase your average sale! Need help organizing your investment guide? The Modern Essentials Marketing Set includes the perfect 5x5 trifold template to simplify your product offerings to increase your portrait sales! 



2) Share Your Client's Finished Portrait Art On Your Facebook Page

You have gorgeous finished products going through your studio door every day! Take a few extra minutes and photograph the products before delivering them to your clients. Share these photos with your facbook followers or even on Twitter and Instagram! People love to see what their friends are buying and it will more than likely result in your future clients wanting the same products too! It only takes a little time but it could be time well invested if it convinces someone to step outside the box with their portrait art!


3) Present Portrait Products On Your Client's Walls 

Showing your client's product pre-designs on their wall will change the way you sell to your clients. Presenting pre-designs in their space with their room's decor will eliminate a lot of the objections that most clients have. Let's be honest. We've all heard our clients say, "I need to measure my wal firstl" or "I don't know if this will match my room's decor". Showing your client a product pre-design directly on their wall eliminates all of these objections and increases your chance of upselling custom portrait products. 


We've developed a new product at The Modern Collective that can help you sell wall art by presenting pre-designs in your client's space. The Canvas Collection Templates take you step by step through the process and will help you increase your studio's average sale by giving your client a solid visual of the product in their space! 


Give these three things a try and let us know how it goes! If you have any simple tips to share, we encourage you to share them in the comments below! 


Check back next week for another Tip Tuesday!


P.S Just a reminder that everything is 30% OFF now thru April 1st to celebrate the launch of our new shop! Use code LAUNCH at checkout to apply the discount! 

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