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Welcome to The Modern Collective blog! We are Adam + Amanda. We are photographers who love fun and funky design. We design modern templates for photographers and sell them in our shop! Cool, right?

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How to Clean Up Your Facebook Page // Tip Tuesday

July 30, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday

By now most photographers understand the power that facebook has in reaching clients, future clients, and the communities that they serve. Over the past couple of years, facebook has become not only a way to share your work but has also become a resource for your clients to quickly access information about you and your studio. Below are a few tips to keep your facebook page organized so your clients / potential clients can quickly find the information and content they are looking for! 



Keep all contact information up to date on your facebook page. Include a link to your website and your phone number in your page description so it is easily accessible on the "front" of your facebook page. You can even go as far as adding a contact form app to make contacting you easy for your clients! 



As a photographer, photos make up the majority of the content shared on your page. Keeping images organized is essential in keeping your viewers on your page. Use the same format when naming each album. A simple title such as "DREW // Class of 2014" or "BELLA // One Year Session" for all albums will make it easier for your page visitors to find what they are looking for. It will also make your page look more cohesive.


Do you have a weekly post that you share? Possibly clothing inspiration, tips, or maybe even photos of your client's finished products? Keep these items in designated folders so your clients can easily find all photos in these groups rather than flipping through an entire album filled with mixed subjects. For example, we place all photos of our client's finished wall collections in a designated album titled "Our Client's Photo Walls" on the Adam Hommerding Photography Facebook Page. We also created an album for Behind The Scenes Photos to keep these images separate from our actual session images. 



For vibrant and sharp facebook images, resize your image to the correct dimensions before uploading the image to your page. We love the FB Image Size page. The creator lists dimensions for every post type all in one spot! It's a great resource! To ensure your images are vibrant when posted, make sure the color profile of your image is set to sRGB instead of AdobeRGB. sRGB will display better on the web! 



Sometimes it is necessary to share some content more than once on your facebook page. Items such as mini session information or holiday order deadlines are great examples. However, having these items displayed on your page feed multiple times can look a bit messy. Did you know you can post content to be published to your fans new feeds but hide it from your page? You can! Here's how! 


Hover over the top right corner of any duplicate post on your page's timeline feed. An arrow will be displayed. When clicked, you will be given a series of options. Choose the "hide from page" option in the drop down as pictured below. Doing this will remove the post from your page feed but it will keep the content in your fan's new feeds. Please note, this is irreversible. Before clicking, be certain you want to hide this content for good from your page. Hiding posts containing images only hides the post from the feed. The image will still be displayed in the album it was posted in.



Also available in the post drop down menu are options to make important posts more visible on your page. Have an image or album that you would like to span the entire width of your page's timeline? Select the "Highlight" option from the corner drop down menu to do this. You can also select "Reposition Photo" to adjust the highlighted image in the highlight area! 


Need important content to stay on the top of your page's feed? The "pin to top" option is your friend! Again, hover over the top right corner of any post and select the "pin to top" option. This content will stay on the top of your page feed until you replace it with another pinned post or select the "unpin from top" option. A pin post cannot also be "highlighted", so choose wisely! 


Example of Pinned Post // stays at the top of the page feed until removed or replaced


Example of Highlighted Post // spans the entire width of the page feed


That's all we have for you today, folks! Hopefully these small tips will keep your facebook page clutter free and organized for you and your clients! Post any questions in the comments and share this post with your friends using the social links below! 


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Our Hot Summer Crush on Click Magazine!



When we heard the talented team behind Clickin Moms was starting a photography magazine, we knew it would be good... but not THIS good! We got our first copy of Click Magazine in the mail last week and we can't put it down! The content, the inspiration, and the crisp page layouts have us drooling! Summer crush? We think so! 


Click Magazine is only $15 for six issues! It's well worth it for all the tips, products, and photo inspiration each issue provides! Sign up here.

Creative Funk Fix // Tip Tuesday

July 09, 2013   //   POSTED IN: INSPIRATION, Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday


Being in a creative career where it's our job to constantly develop new ideas and new content can be a struggle. It's something we struggle with from time to time when working with clients at our studio and even when developing new products for The Modern Collective Shop. Over the last several years a few small tricks have helped us overcome our creative funk in a hurry! We share them below! 


FUNK FIX #1 // Start an inspiration folder or email account

When working on promotions and designs for our studio, we always want to make sure our message speaks to our target clients. To help us get inspired, we started an email designated just for junk mail. Now hold on... we are using the term "junk" loosely here! This junk mail is actually very useful! After setting up this email account, we joined all the email lists our target client would join. For example, our high school senior clients shop at PacSun, Hollister, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Express just to name a few. By joining these companies' mailing lists, we can see how they are creatively catching the attention of the same market! We can take bits and pieces from their marketing efforts and apply them in our studio in our own creative way! Use it as inspiration to come up with something unique!


FUNK FIX #2 // Use your smart phone

Our smart phones are our favorite tool to categorize inspiration. We are always taking photos of things that inspire us while we browse magazines, shop, or when we are just out and about! We categorize the images we take into folders on our phone for easy access. For example, some of our photo folders on our phone right now are wedding, home inspiration, studio design, senior poses, marketing ideas, and design. We reference these all the time to spark our creativity. Struggling with posing a senior... We pull open our senior poses folder and get inspired between clothing changes. Need to figure out that perfect wall color... we open the home inspiration folder and look for some colors we love. It's easy access to inspiration that is usually always at your side! 


FUNK FIX #3  // Just walk away

Sometimes we are just trying too hard and our urge to think of something is getting in the way of our ability to actually think! Take a break. Go for a walk. Flip through a magazine. Talk to the neighbor. Soon your inspiration will reveal itself and you will be on your way to something great! 


- - - 


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From Grad Card to Modern Bridal Shower Invite // Design Change Up


We love photographers that think outside of the box! Jodi and DeeAyna from JW Photography did just that when designing this bridal shower invitation for DeeAyna's daughter! With a few simple changes to the Taylor 5x7 Grad Card Design from The Modern Collective Shop, this duo created a modern and fun bridal shower invite that everyone is sure to love! How cute is that front image?! Thanks for sharing Jodi and DeeAyna! 


Create Gold Foil Text In Photoshop // Tip Tuesday

July 02, 2013   //   POSTED IN: INSPIRATION, Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday


The other week we wrote a blog post about the new gold foil design trend that is popping up everywhere! We see it in fashion, packaging design, and it's been blowing up in the photo industry too! Lisa McCully of Lisa McCully Photography asked us how photographers can add this new trend to text in photoshop! Today's Tip Tuesday will show you how! Watch the video below and share your creations using this new technique on our facebook page! We'd love to see what you create!


GOLD FOIL TEXTURES //  Gold Foil + Marble Texture Overlays




Gold Foil + Marble Texture Pack - 16 Overlays


TAYLOR MADE // Glamorous Gold Foil Marketing Set



 Visit The Shop


The Foil texture used in the video tutorial provided by Aplantage on deviantART.

How To Fix Crooked Photos In Photoshop // Tip Tuesday

June 18, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday


Although we hate to admit it, we've all had it - that one crooked image in a session that we wish we could quickly fix before our client arrived for their portrait viewing. Well, surprise! It can be done in less than five seconds! Watch the video below to find out how! 




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Choosing the Best Paper for Your Press Products // Tip Tuesday

June 11, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, TEMPLATE HOW TO, Tip Tuesday


As a self proclaimed paper snob, choosing the best press paper for a design project can be a challenging task! I love the options that lab offer these days, but the variety of press papers available from labs such as WHCC and Millers doesn't make the decision process any easier! With choices like pearl, linen, watercolor, bamboo, and recycled; the options are nearly endless. So how exactly does a person choose the best press paper for their printed designs and products? I share a few of my tips below!


- - - - 


Many photographers fall in love with anything new and different and are eager to try out the newest paper options from their labs, but it's important to not fall into this trap when choosing the best paper for your product. Make sure your paper choice matches your design. Is your design warm, is it modern, is it vibrant or bold? Some papers pair better with different designs. Below are a few products from The Modern Collective and the papers we would choose to best highlight the product's design. 


see this product in the shop: Chalk Me Up Birth Announcement


see this product in the shop: Liam Grad Card


click this image to see this product in the shop

see this product in the shop: Senior Model How-To Marketing Set


- - - -


Not all paper options offered by your lab match with your studio's brand. Modern portrait studios probably won't use many of the heavy textured paper options because they fit better with rich and warm designs that more traditional studio's may prefer. Pearl or Standard UV coated papers may be a better option for a modern studio. 


- - - -


Not all paper options work for each use. If your client is planning on adding a written note to the inside of a press printed card, make sure you are choosing a press paper that will accept ink and will not smudge. UV Coating would not be a good option for this use. However, a watercolor paper would be an excellent choice!


- - - -


In the end the client really does have the choice, but it's your job as a their photographer to help them choose a paper that will highlight your work the best. Don't overwhelm your client with all the paper options. Choose one or two that you feel would be the best options for their product and help them choose the final paper choice! 



Wheww! Who knew there would be so much thought involved when choosing paper! Hopefully these tips will help you determine the best match for your next design project! Want to see more Tip Tuesday posts? CLICK HERE and check back next Tuesday for another helpful tip for photographers! 

Creating Stylized Text In Photoshop // Tip Tuesday

June 04, 2013   //   POSTED IN: INSPIRATION, Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday



font used in this demo // Nevis



Love S-Truck Newborn Wall Art



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Reduce Your Editing Time In Camera // Tip Tuesday

May 22, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday

We got a little behind so this week's Tip Tuesday happens to fall on a Wednesday! We hope you don't mind! Today we want to discuss portrait lighting and pose refining. Simple changes to your subject's pose can make a huge difference in the final look of your portrait and it can greatly reduce your time spent in post production! Take a look at the image below to see for yourself! 



SIDE NOTE //  The image used in the above tutorial was edited using actions from Michelle Kane Photography. If you want to reduce your editing time without sacrificing the quality of your images, you need to check out Michelle's action collections! Serious time savers, people! And no, this isn't a sponsored sales pitch... we really do LOVE all of Michelle's actions!!



We posted a little challenge in last week's Tip Tuesday post. We asked how you would use extra wallet prints in your studio. We have a winner! Congrats to Susan Dodd for sharing her tips! You are the winner of the $50 Shopping Spree in The Modern Collective Shop!


Come back next week for another Tip Tuesday! 


Introducing Urban Crossroads // New Product


Say hello to Urban Crossroads, the new senior layflat book design from The Modern Collective! Need that perfect product to impress your senior guys? This 20 page book design will do the trick! Included with the design is theMC's exclusive Album Splitter Action. The Album Splitter Action allows you to export your design for any of WHCC's square book designs in less than five minutes! Sizes include 5x5, 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 books! Easy, simple, done! 


You can see larger images of this design's layouts, HERE.


- - -


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