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Creative Funk Fix // Tip Tuesday

July 09, 2013   //   POSTED IN: INSPIRATION, Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday


Being in a creative career where it's our job to constantly develop new ideas and new content can be a struggle. It's something we struggle with from time to time when working with clients at our studio and even when developing new products for The Modern Collective Shop. Over the last several years a few small tricks have helped us overcome our creative funk in a hurry! We share them below! 


FUNK FIX #1 // Start an inspiration folder or email account

When working on promotions and designs for our studio, we always want to make sure our message speaks to our target clients. To help us get inspired, we started an email designated just for junk mail. Now hold on... we are using the term "junk" loosely here! This junk mail is actually very useful! After setting up this email account, we joined all the email lists our target client would join. For example, our high school senior clients shop at PacSun, Hollister, American Eagle, Anthropologie, and Express just to name a few. By joining these companies' mailing lists, we can see how they are creatively catching the attention of the same market! We can take bits and pieces from their marketing efforts and apply them in our studio in our own creative way! Use it as inspiration to come up with something unique!


FUNK FIX #2 // Use your smart phone

Our smart phones are our favorite tool to categorize inspiration. We are always taking photos of things that inspire us while we browse magazines, shop, or when we are just out and about! We categorize the images we take into folders on our phone for easy access. For example, some of our photo folders on our phone right now are wedding, home inspiration, studio design, senior poses, marketing ideas, and design. We reference these all the time to spark our creativity. Struggling with posing a senior... We pull open our senior poses folder and get inspired between clothing changes. Need to figure out that perfect wall color... we open the home inspiration folder and look for some colors we love. It's easy access to inspiration that is usually always at your side! 


FUNK FIX #3  // Just walk away

Sometimes we are just trying too hard and our urge to think of something is getting in the way of our ability to actually think! Take a break. Go for a walk. Flip through a magazine. Talk to the neighbor. Soon your inspiration will reveal itself and you will be on your way to something great! 


- - - 


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