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Quickly Convert Layered PSD files to JPEG in Photoshop // Tip Tuesday

April 23, 2013   //   POSTED IN: Photog Quick Tips, PHOTOGRAPHY RESOURCES, Tip Tuesday

We were shocked the other day to hear that some photographers have never heard of the great and almighty Image Processor tool within Photoshop! We had a photographer tell us that they were opening each individual PSD and converting their files to JPEGs MANUALLY! What?! No way!



If this is you, this Tip Tuesday is going to blow your mind! Follow the steps below to automate the PSD to JPEG process. 


STEP 1: 

Start by making sure all of your layered PSD files are in a single folder. You will be selecting this folder in a later step, so make note of its location on your computer. 



Open Photoshop and navigate to File > Scripts > Image Processor



Once open, the image processor will look like the image below. There are a few options that need to be filled in before you can put it to work. We've listed them below.

SELECT SOURCE FOLDER // this is the folder which contains your PSD files.


SELECT DESTINATION FOLDER // this is the folder where you want your final JPEGs to save. Keep in mind, Photoshop will create a folder in this location titled JPEG and will save all the flattened files in this folder.


SELECT FILE TYPE // Make sure you check the "Save as JPEG" box and choose your desired quality. We usually do 10. We also like to check the "Convert Profile to sRGB" box so these files will display with the richest colors when uploaded to the web. 


OPTIONAL // There are a few additional options within the Image Processor Menu. The Resize to Fit option can be used to resize your files for web. Just enter the desired max width and height in the boxed provided. You can also choose to run an action before the files are saved. This is great for web sharpening or to use an action that watermarks your images. 


STEP 4: Click Run! Sit back and watch your computer do all the work for you! Photoshop will open each PSD from the source folder and save the flattened JPEG file in the destination folder. We guarentee it will do it faster than you can do it manually! 


STEP 5: Check your work. All of your PSDs should have been saved as JPEGs in the destination folder. If they aren't there, go back and double check your settings. 


- - - 


Check back next week for another Tip Tuesday! Want to read our past tips for photographers? Click HERE.


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