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Welcome to The Modern Collective blog! We are Adam + Amanda. We are photographers who love fun and funky design. We design modern templates for photographers and sell them in our shop! Cool, right?

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How To Sell Holiday Cards // Quick Tips for Photographers


"I want holiday cards, but they are just so expensive! I don't want to spend the money when people just throw them away!"  Sound familiar?? Yeah, we thought so!


We've all heard these words come from our clients over the last few weeks as we present them with our holiday card designs. How do you turn this doubtful client into an ecstatic customer that can't wait to send hundreds of your holiday cards to their friends and family? (ok... maybe not hundreds, but you get the point!) We have a few quick tips below that will help you sell more holiday cards and spread the name of your studio to your client's family and friends! Let's begin!


- - - -


#1: It's all in the presentation.
You have to show it to sell it! Let's face it, all of us are more prone to purchase a product that we can hold in our hand or a product that is custom designed to meet our needs. Why should holiday cards be any different? Don't just put out a blank statement telling your clients that cards are available. Take the extra time to customize a card design for each and every client you photograph. Place it in their online gallery, present it to them during their in person viewing, add it as an extra page in their proof book, or send them a custom email. It only takes a few minutes to add their images and type their name to make a custom design. The Modern Collective 2011 Holiday Card Collection can make the pre-design process even faster!


Here is an example of how we've presented holiday cards to our clients in the past at Adam Hommerding Photography. This image was displayed in their online gallery. We now present the card designs to them in Pro Select at their in-person ordering appointment where we finalize the card design while they place their portrait order. Either way, the custom design with their images get's their attention and provides an emotional connection that will increase your chance of a sale!


Featured Card – theMC 5×7 Holiday Card #13  //  all available here


#2: Don't overwhelm your clients with options.

Just because there are over fifty card shape, sizes, and fold options doesn't mean you need to offer them all! Giving too many choices to your client can kill your sale. They don't know what to choose, so they don't buy any! Start with three predesigned options for them to choose from. Maybe give them a variety of size and card styles. One could be a 5x7 flat, another a 5x5 trifold, and the last one a boutique die cut design! Giving three options allows you to show them what is available but still gives your client the ability to make a decision of what they like best! Have them choose their favorite and complete the card design! Below we've included three card predesigns that shows the variety that we would present to one of our clients.

Featured Cards – theMC Holiday Card #9 (5x7 flat), #14 (5x5 boutique), and #1 (5x5 trifold)  // all available: here


#3: Make the cost of the cards more appealing.
The number one client objection that our readers shared on our Facebook page, when asked what is your greatest struggle when selling press printed holiday cards, was PRICE! Press printed cards are expensive, and leave very little room for profitable markup while still being affordable to your clients. First and foremost, look at holiday cards as marketing potential for your studio. Your clients are sending these cards to people that more than likely match your target market, and they are paying you for it! Make sure every card that leaves your studio includes your website and phone number. If you aren't, you are missing an easy way to market your business. Because of the card's marketing potential, consider pricing them with a lower markup to make custom holiday cards more appealing and affordable to your clients. Rather than setting a price for each card size and shape, set a single price for flat and a single price for folded cards to make the pricing simple and easy to understand.


#4: Make the design logical so it sells itself.
Making one simple design change to one of our three client card predesigns has more than doubled our holiday card sales. Why? It is logical and resolves the two issues that we mentioned in the very first line of this blog post - price + people throwing the cards away! Here is what we do.... (Seriously, this is SO EASY and sells almost every time we present this option to our clients)


We start with a 5x7 flat or 5x7 folded card template. We then eliminate the front or back of the card design and replace it with one single image. Because 5x7 is a standard photo size, designing the card with a solid, single image on the front makes it possible for card recipients to frame the card after the holidays or leave the card displayed on their refrigerator after the christmas trees and tinsel have been taken down for the season! It acts as a gift portrait rather than a holiday card! (genius, right?) This fixes the price dilemma. Instead of the clients fretting over the price of the card, they look more affordable at $2-$4 per card when compared to a photographic gift portrait that is priced anywhere between $35 and $150 per print. What better selling feature than presenting the idea of sending a custom 5x7 portrait of your client's family or children to everyone on their holiday mailing list! Below are two 5x7 flat card designs that we designed using this method! Both are cards that our clients have purchased this fall to send out for the holidays this year!

Featured Cards – theMC 5×7 Holiday Cards #9 + #20  //  available for purchase: here


#5: Design with simple, clean, and modern card templates. (read as: "buy theMC holiday cards!" lol)
Seriously, with all joking aside, starting with simple, clean, and modern templates that are super easy to use will only make your holiday card sales easier! Your clients will be happy, and you will be happy that you didn't have to spend hours coming up with original designs in the wee hours of the night when you would rather be sleeping and dreaming of your christmas presents! ;) All cards in this blog post are for sale over at theModern Collective Shop! If you like what you see, go check out all 20 card designs by clicking the banner below!



- - - -


We hope these few tips will help you tackle the holiday card sales process with a smile! We know that if you implement them, you too will see big changes in your holiday card sales! Have input, or questions? Post them in the comments below!


From us at theModern Collective, have a happy (and profitable) holiday season!!



  • Do you have any examples of how and where you put your studio contact info? I struggle with how to do this tastefully on a 5×7 layflat card.

    Posted by Kristeen on November 11, 2014
  • The single-image tip is brilliant. So doing this for the next holiday season. Thanks!

    Posted by Z on August 03, 2014
  • Thank you so much for the tips!

    Posted by Kaila on January 19, 2014
  • That’s great, Danielle!! You won’t regret it! We guarantee more holiday card sales in your future!! :) Good luck!

    Posted by The Modern Collective on November 20, 2011
  • Thanks Mary! It’s really worked well for us! We hope it works great for you too!

    Posted by The Modern Collective on November 17, 2011
  • Love it! Definitnely starting to do pre-designs for all my clients now!

    Posted by Danielle on November 20, 2011
  • Great tips! thank you.

    Posted by May on November 17, 2011
  • Thanks May! We are glad you found it helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

    Posted by The Modern Collective on November 17, 2011
  • This is a great idea! I am putting this into motion! Thank you!

    Posted by Mary on November 17, 2011

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