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Welcome to The Modern Collective blog! We are Adam + Amanda. We are photographers who love fun and funky design. We design modern templates for photographers and sell them in our shop! Cool, right?

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Send a Little Joy - The 2019 Holiday Card Collection for


Joy Draft Christmas Photo Card for MpixJoy Draft Illustrated Christmas Photo Card for Mpix



The holidays are filled with many traditions that we look forward to each year  decorating the tree, spending time with family and friends, drinking cheery cocktails while wearing ugly festive sweaters adorned with tinsel and blinking lights! Although all of those are great, there's one thing I look forward to the most during the holiday season - opening the mailbox to see it filled with holiday cards from friends and family! 


As a stationery designer, I spend much of the year designing holiday cards. Spring, summer, and into fall, those holiday cards grace my desk and computer screens as we prepare them for their delivery to mailboxes all across the world. One of the biggest design projects is for our partnership with Mpix. I'm so excited to share our 2019 Mpix Holiday Collection with you today!


This year's christmas card collection has a design for everyone! Whether you love clean and simple sentiments or you have a fondness for illustrated greetings of joy and merriment, you'll find the perfect photo card to spread good cheer to all your loved ones.  


Not familiar with Mpix? Well, take it from us. You'll love them! Here's why we suggest Mpix to everyone we know:


• As professional photographers we have a high standard when it comes to quality photo products. Mpix offers top-notch professional cards. Only the best of the best here, folks!

• They have THE BEST customer service. Have problems? They have peeps to help! 

• Their elves are just as fast as Santa's! Order your cards from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door in just a few days (honestly, probably overnight because they have some kind of Christmas magic)

• Still not convinced? Watch this video. They're awesome people, creating great things, and supporting independent artist like myself! 


It's been an honor designing Holiday Cards for Mpix for the past five years, but the real thrill comes when seeing our cards being used by our friends, family, and strangers on the internet. From this tiny little design studio to tens of thousands of mailboxes this holiday season, it brings us great joy knowing that our designs are putting smiles on faces one card at a time.


Wishing you good cheer,


Adam + Amanda - The Modern Collective Team



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Gleeful Holiday - Mpix.comGleeful Holiday Card for Mpix



North Pole Stamp Photo Christmas Card for MpixNorth Pole Stamp Photo Christmas Card for Mpix



Wrapped in Love Photo Christmas Card for MpixWrapped in Love Photo Christmas Card for Mpix



Merry Maze Silver Foild Holiday Card for MpixMerry Maze Silver Foil Photo Christmas Card for Mpix 



Trimmed Hedges Photo Christmas Card for MpixTrimmed Hedges Photo Christmas Card for Mpix



Colorful Waves Color Block Photo Christmas CardColorful Waves Modern Photo Christmas Card for Mpix



Gold Foil Polaroid Frame Christmas Photo CardGold Foil Vintage Frame Christmas Photo Card for Mpix



Heaping Joy and Love Photo Holiday Card for MpixHeaping Joy and Love Photo Holiday Card for Mpix



Modern Green and Red Christmas Photo CardModern Green and Red Christmas Photo Card for Mpix



Merry Dash Christmas CardMerry Dash Artistic Gold Foil Christmas Card for Mpix



Light Snowfall Holiday Card for Mpix Light Snowfall Holiday Card for Mpix



Merry Berry Photo Christmas CardMerry Berry Photo Christmas Card for Mpix 



Heritage Crest Illustrated Christmas CardHeritage Crest Illustrated Christmas Card for Mpix



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Your summer social media - DONE for you! Introducing Socialites!


Senior Photographer Social Media Templates from Amanda Holloway and The Modern Collective Socialites Summer Style Posts



12 weekly posts of pre-created social media content… created for modern senior photographers.


This product is all about the long game. If you’re sick of living booking to booking and only posting sneak peeks on your social media account, it’s time to invest in becoming a resource for the current and next generations of target clients. Imagine future clients hiring you not only because they want senior pictures, but because they’ve been following and consuming your brand for YEARS. Why would they do that? Because you’ve become a RESOURCE that they can use to stay on top of fashion, beauty and so much more. And in becoming that resource, they trust you to give them an incredible experience with the latest and greatest trends. Take it a step further and educate your audience on your best selling products, session ideas and so much more.

Included in this incredible product is 65 individual designs inside 12 incredible sets to save you time and the stress of “what to post” during the summer months. Imagine having weekly posts ready for you to add images, publish, and then move on with the rest of your life. You don’t even have to worry about researching a topic and adding text because it’s all been done for you. Pre-created content… all summer long.



What's Included:

+ 12 sets of fully customizable social media post templates including all text

– BEAUTY: “How to Bare the Heat” (6 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– BEAUTY: “Summer Beauty Trends” (6 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– CLIENT EDUCATION: “Session Availability” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– CLIENT EDUCATION: “Summer Session Props” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– PRODUCTS: “Grad Card Showcase” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– PRODUCTS: “Luxe Product Showcase” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Bold Resort Wear” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Summer Florals” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Summer Pastels” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Summer Session Wear” (5 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Summer Shoulders” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)
– STYLE: “Summer Stripes” (4 post templates + 1 story sneak template)

+ 30 minute video tutorial on how to customize templates and elements


Buy Socialites | Summer 2018 Now


Buy Socialites | Summer 2018 Now

Simplify Your Canvas Collection Sales // Designer Canvas Collection by Amanda Holloway + The Modern Collective

September 08, 2017

Amanda Holloway and Adam Hommerding have built their businesses on selling large canvas collections to seniors and families and it’s time that you put the strategies and methods that we use in place for your business. In this incredible bundle, you are receiving all of the tools to help you kick your canvas collections into gear and consistently produce large wall art sales.

We are finally sharing our trade secrets to help YOU get the most out of your canvas sales! Amanda Holloway and Adam Hommerding have built their businesses on selling large canvas collections to seniors and families and it’s time that you put the strategies and methods that we use in place for your business. In this incredible bundle, you are receiving all of the tools to help you kick your canvas collections into gear!


Inside the PDF Sales Guide, we are teaching you all of our time tested systems to motive your clients into serious canvas collections sales! Learn how we prep even before the session, what we’re thinking while we’re shooting and how we create excitement in our clients for these incredibly profitable canvas collections! This is all the education you need to bring in killer canvas sales!


Now that you’re educated on what goes into psychological motivation tactics to sell canvas collections, it’s time to put it all to use! We’ve included stunning canvas collection magazines that you can start sending to your clients today! You can print them out or send them out digitally – whatever is best for your business. With these incredible pieces of collateral, your client will be perfectly primed and excited to purchase your canvas collection options! You also receive scaleable collection layouts so that you can live design your clients’ collections right in front of them! This bundle holds all of the education and tools you need!



+ Senior Designer Canvas Collection TEMPLATES:

– 14 of Amanda’s top selling canvas collections in template form and magazine form
– senior canvas collection inspiration guide with images already installed for your use (start e-mailing your clients today!) or for you to fill with your own

+ PSD scaleable collection layouts
– build and showcase your clients’ exact collections right in front of them with these super easy and incredibly fast templates for live designing

+ Studio Quick Reference Guide for collection sizes and pricing

+ Canvas Collection Install & Care Guide 
– this guide is a gorgeous install and care guide for you to give to your clients so that they can care for their products for years to come

+ PDF Sales Guide: A full PDF sales guide detailing the canvas
Sales process from start to finish is included with your download. Sales Guide topics include:
– pre-consutation
– shooting for a canvas sale
– inspiring your clients
with the canvas magazine
– how-to design the best
canvas pre-designs
– two instructional how-to design videos
– step-by-step sales room process
– dealing with client objections
– our favorite canvas vendors
– canvas install tips
– marketing canvases to
future clients

+ BONUS: ProSelect layout templates


– 12 additional family / child collection layouts
– family canvas inspiration guide
– PSD scaleable collection layouts
– studio quick reference guide
– install & care guide

+ BONUS: ProSelect layout templates


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Our Favorite Things - The Top Photographer Selected Products in 2016

November 23, 2016

Each year we compile a list of our best selling and favorite products chosen by photographers like you, and we are so excited to present our 2016 Favorite Things List! The list spans numerous products from studio marketing, to grad cards, to sales tools. Check it out below! 


P.S. Don't forget. You can stock up on our Favorite Things as well as all other designs in the shop right now during our Black Friday Weekend Sale! Use the code SAVEBIG to receive 50% off your order! (sale ends 11/29/16)

photography templates for photographers, photoshop designs, grad card templates,

ON THE LIST THIS YEAR:   .01 Botanical Summer Grad Collection  //  .02 Senior Session Planning Guide  //  .03 Berry Red Holiday Collection  //  .04 The Canvas Collection Templates and How-To Sales Guide  //  .05 Converge Grad Card Collection


Shop This Year's Favorites


The Sale of the Year for Photographers is Here! // 50% off Everything in the Shop + Freebies!


It's the most anticipated sale of the year for photographers and this year's sale is BIGGER than it has ever been before! Now thru 11/29, receive 50% off all orders when you use the code SAVEBIG. It's the perfect time to stock up on holiday templates, marketing designs, and get ready for the busy senior grad card season that is just around the corner! 


But we have even MORE to share... keep reading ...


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Black Friday Sale for Photographer Templates PSD Photoshop template designs


We have FREEBIES! 

Spend $35 or more during this weekend's sale and we will email you a link to these wonderful freebies! 

Freebies include an 11x14 and 5x7 'year at a glance' calendar. These make perfect holiday gifts for your clients! Wrap them up and tie them with bow and top them off with one of the freebie gift tags that are also included!


PLEASE NOTE: Freebie download links will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your qualifying purchase. $35+ is after discount is applied. 


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The Modern Collective 2015 Holiday Collection for MPIX


It's holiday card season! Quite possibly our favorite time of the year as our love for photography and design collide! We are over the top excited to be designing for this year and being able to spread some holiday cheer from theMC even further! 


Here's a little look at our collection. Head over to, add your image into one of our designs, and have your holiday cards delivered to your front door! I don't think it could get any easier than that! 


**Disclaimer: Milk and cookies not included with your holiday card purchase! :) 


Go to


The Modern Collective Holiday Collection for

The Modern Collective Gold Foil Holiday Card Mpix

Modern Holiday Card Mpix

Festive Christmas Card The Modern Collective

The Modern Collective Holiday for MpixHoly Holiday Card for

Gold Foil Christmas Cards




“How does Amanda know?  Better yet, how did Adam from The Modern Collective know?  I needed to update my senior magazine.  I had a custom magazine made almost 3 years ago and I outgrew it.  The task was heavy on my mind.  I knew it would take a lot of time which I did not have.  And then this guide comes out!  Not only did it fit the look and feel of my website, but I am able to customize it to fit MY needs.  It has a gorgeous clean and modern feel to it. And it has room for all the valuable information you need to convey to your client!  Don’t know what that is?  Well the help is all here in this beautiful guide.
The videos are a bonus and a great way to know what to put in your magazine and if you are not comfortable with photoshop they hold your hand through the process.  My favorite part?  The pdf guide of a finished magazine to give you starting point.  This is not something you would want to copy but instead insert your own voice.  Sometimes just staring at those blank lines can be daunting but to gain inspiration to what others have put in there is super helpful so you can start typing and fill it with YOU!
This guide is so cohesive, well thought out and for more than just the senior photographer.  It could literally be all genres.  I’m going to make a separate one for my tween and teen clients! Grab this guide while you can and create your own one of a kind client guide.  Have fun with it and insert your voice, your style to make it all about YOU!”
-Vickie Black
Founder Senior Style Guide

“What can I say . . . Amanda Holloway and The Modern Collective have done it again!  Engage is NOT your average been-there-seen-that senior magazine template.  It is the most inclusive and informative client welcome resource I have ever seen.  
From inception to publication, Amanda & Adam share step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect client welcome magazine for your business. Not only are the included templates gorgeous and easy to use, they have included a TON of educational information and instructional videos.  Amanda’s detailed .pdf regarding the whys behind what to include in (and what to exclude from!) the magazine are invaluable in determining what information is appropriate for your magazine.  Adam Hommerding’s how-to photoshop video is full of photoshop education and is a HUGE time-saver when it comes to actually creating your magazine!  Amanda goes above-and-beyond in her branding video to help you customize the template to your brand, including information on how to chose the best images for your magazine and how changing the details will help set you apart!  
And, the best thing about Engage is that the information is not exclusive to welcome magazines . . . the tips and tricks can be used for any and all marketing pieces!  Engage is a MUST HAVE for the senior photographer!”
-Heather Owens with Heather Owens Photography

“Engage is a serious game-changer when it comes to marketing for your business. Most of us are familiar with Amanda’s genius “senior magazine” and we also keep up with Adam’s amazing designs so this is a win-win for everyone! I was able to take the easy-to-use PSD files and not only drop in my images to create a high-end magazine for my business, but I was able to fully customize it to fit my brand. They did such a great job making it user-friendly and if you do have any hiccups, the videos that came with the download are very intuitive and thorough. I also loved reading the PDF document that they added to the download because it completes the package by telling you WHY Amanda uses certain information in the magazine and it really allows you to understand the importance of the senior magazine on a conceptual level so you can truly customize it for you! “
-Dan Brouillette with LOOK Portrait

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10 Members Added to Our Team! (and they can be on your team too)

February 24, 2015

Every year we add 10 marketing geniuses to our shop... although they aren't living, breathing team members, they do just as much work as your sales team could. Introducing our 2015 Grad Card Collection


Why do we call them team members? Well, here the thing... Grad Cards can be your studio's top marketing tool and the best part is your clients pay for all of the marketing! Add your studio's web address and logo to each card you sell and your work is in the hands of all of your clients' friends and family. We can't think of a single free form of advertising that gets more personal that that!


With easy to use templates like these, providing graduation announcements to your clients could be the easiest marketing you do for your studio all year long! 


So what are you waiting for? Your clients are waiting to spread the word for you!


Graduation Announcement Grad Card Templates for Photographers From The Modern Collective

- - - 

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Ziggy Zag // A Classy + Witty Marketing Set

January 05, 2015   //   POSTED IN: PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTS

The new year gives many opportunities to revamp and reenergize your business. One of the biggest hurdles photographers face is creating a cohesive brand across all marketing efforts. Our Marketing Sets make that job easy and today we introduce yet another option, The Ziggy Zag Marketing Set


The Ziggy Zag Marketing set is perfect for photographers wanting a classy look with a taste of wittiness! The modern pattern with bold mustard accents next to crisp white layouts makes this set professional and memorable! Stand apart from your competition with the help of the Ziggy Zag Marketing Set. 


Included with the set is everything you need to present a professional and fun image to your clients. All templates are designed for Millers Lab's unique photo products! 


The Set Includes //

• Letterhead
• (2) Business Cards
• (5) Logo Lockups 
• Luxe DVD Case
• DVD Label
• Studio Investment Guide (8x10 Folio)
• Client Investment Guide (5x7 Wide Pano Card)
• Promo Card (5x7 Flat Card)

• Custom Wood Box
• (2) Wood USBs (Classic + Luxe)
• Thank You Card (5x7 Flat Card)
• Packaging Hang Tag (5x5 Circle Luxe Card)
• Gift Certificate (5x5 Flat Card)
• Tear-Off Notepad Design
• Studio Contract + Client Info Sheet
• Facebook Timeline
• Facebook Profile Logo + App Images
- - - 

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Oh By Golly! The 2014 Holiday Collection is here!


Introducing the 2014 Holiday Card Collection - 10 stylish holiday card designs that your clients are sure to love! The collection includes numerous styles and card designs to please any client! All cards are fully layered and customizable for those that desire to mix it up but simple and easy to use for those that don't. 



(1) 5x7 Folded Wide Format 
(2) 5x5 Trifolds
(7) 5x7 Flat Cards
+BONUS: 10 Coordinating Return Address Label Designs


See the designs larger by clicking, HERE.


Get them for ONLY $35 during intro pricing now thru 11/20!


- - - 


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